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Known by the company name Bernhard Halle Nachfolger GmbH a team of scientists and high qualified fine optics engineers offers a large number of precision optical components. Especially the manufacturing of polarization optics is carried out with much experience. The catalog contains our standard program. In addition to this program we offer special constructions which will be developed and realized according to your requirements together with our know-how.


Polarizers / Grafik(3k) Polarizers generate linear polarized light. Our workshop produces the following main types of polarizers based on the effect of birefringence as well as thin film cube polarizers. As a special construction we also produce pile of plates polarizers.


Retarders / Grafik(3k) Retarders change the state of polarization of polarized light. Our retarders mainly are birefringent single or double plates made from quartz or MgF2 and combinations from both crystals (achromatic plates) with given thicknesses usually for λ/2 oder λ/4 retardations. With the Fresnel rhombs is used the effect of different retardance of the polarization components during reflection. The angle of incidence is chosen to get values of λ/2 oder λ/4.


Plates / Grafik(3k) The plates are polished on bot sides. We offer them made from the most common materials BK 7 or fused silica as simple quality windows, and as planeparallel plates with high planeness and parallelism for example for use as dividing plates. Solid etalons with high parallelism are made from fused silica Homosil.


Prisms / Grafik(3k) From the large variety of prisms we offer besides the 90°-prisms made in different qualities the Amici type dispersing prism, the Brewster- and Pellin-Broca-prisms, Kösters-prisms and corner cubes as well as neutral beamsplitter cubes.


Objectives / Grafik(3k) Our lenssystems are achromatic lenses, objevtives and condensers for UV – IR.

Mechanical Components

Mechanics / Grafik(3k) The mechanical parts mainly are offered as holders for the optical elements, as interferometer housings and as spatial filters, iris diaphragms and laser pinholes.


Mirrors / Grafik(3k) The offered mirrors are uncoated, one side polished plane and spherical substrates for individuel coatings.
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